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Meeting Location and Time

Writers Ink offers an opportunity to meet new people looking for inspiration, support and kinship. Writers and would-be writers seeking encouragement and constructive criticism will feel at home in the company of other aspiring writers. Hearing of their successes and what they've learned from failures very often stimulates ideas, breaking the syndrome some call "Writer's Block." For more information call Gail @ 414-744-9775 and leave a message. E-dress: gtoe@aol.com

Meetings are held year around on the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the lower-level meeting room of Chase Bank, on the southeast corner of  S. Packard Avenue and E. Layton Avenue. 

NOTE: Please do not send any correspondence to Chase Bank.

The first meeting of the month is devoted to reading and critiquing manuscripts. Members freely and generously offer advice and suggest possible markets for their work. They discuss the latest information about markets, contests and writing seminars.

The second meeting of the month often features a guest speaker, usually an expert on publishing, marketing techniques, research, legal matters and almost anything pertaining to the business of writing. Break time is a smorgasbord of snacks brought by members. A Round Table discussion follows the meeting itself. During the Round Table, each member in turn introduces him or herself and gives an update on recent publications, work in progress, or rejections, along with any other items that may be of interest to the members.

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